Teaching English in Nepal

Teaching English in Nepal

Nepal Overview

Main Cities/AreasSalary range (USD/month)
Kathmandu$500 – $1000

Nepal is rightfully popular with travelers from around the world and there are actually many TEFL opportunities in this wonderful country. Admittedly most of these positions are voluntary but paid work can be found in Kathmandu by the persistent and experienced.

Don’t expect to make a large salary – not that you’ll need one given that living costs are so low – and remind yourself of the positive impact your hard work can have on the local Nepalese people.

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Typical Requirements and Tips

Degree?TEFL Certification?Experience?
YesYes1-2 Years

Although the British Council in Kathmandu no longer offers English language tuition services, you are still able to access a range of resources and ask for advice.

If you have your heart set in Nepal, it may be best to arrive in Kathmandu on holiday with the aim to extend it into a working holiday once you have made personal contact with schools and language centers. Employers are rarely in a position to recruit from overseas or pay airfares.

Learn more about English language tuition in Nepal at the NELTA (Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association) website.

Unless you are being employed by a prestigious International School, it is customary to arrive on a tourist visa and request your employer to arrange additional work permits.

The cost of food, transport and accommodation is very low in Nepal.

Usually, you will be paid on a monthly basis and it will be the responsibility of your employer to pay income tax.

Pros and Cons of Teaching in Nepal


  • Your teaching activities in Nepal can have a huge positive impact on Nepalese people
  • Low living costs
  • An incredible country in which to work


  • Difficult to find paid work
  • That the British Council no longer offers English language tuition is a sign that opportunities to find paid work are unlikely to be growing
  • Like most capital cities in Asia, Kathmandu can be somewhat chaotic

Fun Fact About Nepal

An interesting fact about Nepal for an English teacher could be that Nepal is home to the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites per capita in the world. This means that Nepal, with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, offers a plethora of opportunities for studying and exploring various literary and linguistic traditions.