Teaching English in Slovakia

Teaching English in Slovakia

Slovakia Overview

Main Cities/AreasSalary range (USD/month)
Bratislava$800 – $1200

Slovakia is an utterly beautiful country full of hiking trails, medieval castles, beautiful architecture, and folk traditions.

There is a fair bit of work in Bratislava but it tends to be poorly-paid so most TEFL teachers are forced to take on extra private classes in their spare time. As usual, when dealing with countries in the EU it is much easier for British and Irish teachers to find work due to permit regulations. There is considerable demand for Business English classes and this kind of work via an agency usually pays much better than a standard language center contract.

Some teachers complain of finding Bratislava boring after a year of living there but anyone interested in the great outdoors will find it hard to tire of the natural beauty of the country.

Typical Requirements and Tips

Degree?TEFL Certification?EU National?Experience?

Teachers from outside the EU should do all they can to find work before arriving in Slovakia.

Expect to have to take on extra private classes in addition to your regular job. It’s the normal way to make ends meet for many TEFL teachers in Bratislava. Expect to share a flat with another teacher.

Some language centers can be rather unreliable when it comes to payday. You are advised to do as much research as possible and ask to speak to the present and previous employees before signing a contract.

As with most countries in Europe, it is a lot easier for EU nationals to find work as the paperwork required is significantly less than when applying to employ non-EU nationals.

The accommodation, food, and transportation costs are moderate. This is reflected in some degree in the salaries but certainly not enough to enable the average TEFL teacher to save money each month. You will almost certainly have to offer private classes in your spare time.

Employers generally pay your income tax for you and as usual, you should expect to be paid on a monthly basis.

Pros and Cons of Teaching in Slovakia


  • Moderate demand for English
  • One of the best countries in Europe for those who like the outdoors
  • Friendly students eager to learn


  • Lots of red tape for non-EU nationals who do not already have contacts in Slovakia
  • Low pay
  • Not many opportunities for professional development