Teaching English in the Czech Republic

Teaching English in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Overview

Main Cities/AreasSalary range (USD/month)
Prague and most other towns and cities$1000 – $2000

The capital city of Prague is famous as one of the most popular TEFL destinations in the world. This is good and bad. Good because there are lots of opportunities and plenty of other teachers to socialize with. Bad because the competition keeps starting salaries rather low, especially in view of accommodation costs.

It remains an excellent choice for first-timers, and those with considerable experience can earn a good salary. As expected, it is much easier for EU nationals to find jobs because language centers are hardly likely to offer jobs to those living in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA when there are teachers knocking on the door, CV in hand, on a regular basis. For those willing to live outside Prague, although the salaries are lower the living costs are usually remarkably less.

Flag of the Czech Republic - Wikipedia

Typical Requirements

Degree?TEFL Certification?Experience?

As with most countries in Europe, it is a lot easier for EU nationals to find work as the paperwork required is significantly less than when applying to employ non-EU nationals.

EU nationals shouldn’t worry about finding a job before they arrive. It should be possible to arrange numerous interviews in your first week (especially in Prague). 

Non-EU nationals should try to arrange a job and a work permit (β€˜zivno visa’) several months before arriving, although this is easier said than done. It can be quite difficult to achieve without considerable experience and qualifications.

Do your research before signing contracts. Ask to speak to former teachers about their experiences. This is important because given the very large number of language centers in the Czech Republic you might find some pay late or not at all!

Pros of Teaching in Czech Republic

  • A vast number of teaching opportunities 
  • Fascinating architecture and history 
  • Excellent public transportation

Cons of Teaching in Czech Republic

  • Lots of red tape for non-EU nationals 
  • Rather low salaries and lots of competition 
  • Expensive accommodation – especially in Prague