Teaching English in Russia

Teaching English in Russia

Russia Overview

Main Cities/AreasSalary range (USD/month)
Moscow, St Petersburg, and most other towns and cities$1000 – $2500

The level of demand for native speakers in the enormous nation of Russia far exceeds the supply. Although the winters can be difficult for some, in such a huge country it is no surprise that there are some incredibly beautiful places to visit. The far east is particularly fascinating. Do your homework before signing any contracts because of the quality of employers, the salary, and the benefits all vary dramatically. Language centers pay reasonably poorly but are the usual way to get one’s foot in the door. Much of the work is geared towards business contexts so any prior experience in Business English would be seen in a very favorable light. Private schools offer much better wages to experienced teachers with initiative.

Typical Requirements

Degree?TEFL Certification?Experience?

Because the demand exceeds the supply, you can afford to be very choosy over which contract you sign. Negotiate as much as possible with regard to return airfares, free accommodation, and whether or not you are paid for traveling to do in-house tuition.

You may need to supplement your income with extra, private one-to-one tuition which can be very lucrative.

Basic Russian language skills are desirable and almost essential in the far east of the country.R

Be prepared for a real headache when dealing with the bureaucracy in Russia. The more your employer promises to do for you (in the contract) the easier it will be for you.

Living costs vary from region to region. As you might expect, accommodation in Moscow and St Petersburg can be rather expensive so be sure to ask if it can be included in your contract (especially if this is your first visit to Russia).

Pros of Teaching in Russia

  • Huge demand for English tuition
  • Generally keen students and friendly locals once you get to know them
  • Salaries can be good once you have experience and contacts

Cons of Teaching in Russia

  • Lots of red tape for everyone!
  • Difficult without basic Russian language and social skills
  • Harsh winters